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  • Info Security - Garland Heart

    Info Security

    A range of proactive compliance and security services that can help make your organization more compliant and secure.

  • Virtual Compliance - Garland Heart

    Virtual Compliance

    An outsourced combination of expertise and automated technology to assist with challenges of compliance and the ongoing regulatory burden.

  • Strategic Consulting - Garland Heart

    Strategic Consulting

    Experts to assist your organization in the formal software selection process and contract negotiations for any of your company's critical technologies.

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Impacting Lives

Garland Heart was built on a vision with a higher purpose of providing service and impacting people’s lives, not just generating revenue. We define our impact based off our H.E.A.R.T. Initiatives to positively effect our clients, our employees and our world.

Additionally, we believe that companies have a responsibility to not only generate revenue but to use a portion of those revenues to impact others. This year, each of our employees have selected a mission where they will set a goal to impact lives.

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Garland Heart is proud to be recognized as one of the Best Christian Workplaces in 2014 by Best Christian Workplace Institute.

Garland Heart - Voted 2014 Best Christian Workplaces

Creating the Perfect Password

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5 Tips to be More Secure Online

For most of us, information security is so convoluted and difficult to understand that we choose to ignore it until something bad happens to your personal information and your identity is stolen or your bank account gets drained. There are ever emerging threats and bugs in software and hardware that create loopholes or vulnerabilities for…
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