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    Info Security

    A range of proactive compliance and security services that can help make your organization more compliant and secure.

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    Virtual Compliance

    An outsourced combination of expertise and automated technology to assist with challenges of compliance and the ongoing regulatory burden.

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    Strategic Consulting

    Experts to assist your organization in the formal software selection process and contract negotiations for any of your company's critical technologies.

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Security Resources

5 Smart Tips to Back Up Your Data Now

In a world where every company’s business is increasingly its own data, it’s always a good idea to ensure that data is backed up. This is especially true in the way it encourages adopting a proactive security mindset, allowing small and mid-sized businesses to address the risk of a cyber attack or security breach before it happens.

As ransomware attacks continue to make headlines, the value of your own data has never been clearer. Though you may not realize it now, you certainly would if you were to log in one day and discover that you can’t access even a single file on your systems without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to the attackers behind a ransomware virus that had hijacked your computers.

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Are Retail IT Professionals Really As Prepared As They Think for Security Breaches?

Protecting company records as well as private and confidential customer information is a top priority for many businesses. After all, just one security breach can devastate large companies and possibly destroy smaller businesses. Comprehensive IT security is especially important for those organizations in the retail industry.

According to a recent study, retail organizations are three times more likely to face security attacks than those organizations in the financial sector. In fact, the retail industry faces more attacks per number of clients than any other industry. These facts make it crucial for IT professionals to be prepared to identify and prevent all types of retail security breaches — but are today's retail IT professionals really prepared to meet these ever-growing security threats? 


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