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    A range of proactive compliance and security services that can help make your organization more compliant and secure.

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    An outsourced combination of expertise and automated technology to assist with challenges of compliance and the ongoing regulatory burden.

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    Experts to assist your organization in the formal software selection process and contract negotiations for any of your company's critical technologies.

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Garland Heart obtains the Best Christian Workplace Institute award for the 3rd year in a row!

The importance of our culture and how we work is something that means a great deal to me. As a company, we choose to spend time debating and cultivating our workplace as we grow. We know there will be changes along the way, people that come and go, and different business problems we get to face every year. This is why we began using, three years ago, the Best Christian Workplace Institute’s survey of all our staff to have a measurement of where we are each year. We had all our employees take the survey again this year and are delighted to hear that we obtained the 2016 Best Christian Workplace Institute Award for great places to work. We are proud of this honor and look for ways to get better each time around. No culture is perfect (and ours is certainly not) but leveraging a tool like the BCWI to measure our success has been extremely helpful in creating an open, performance drive, and dare I say, fun place to work.

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Why is the 80/20 Rule Important in Cyber Security Practices?

Cyber security may be a newer, more complex field, but it actually shares many common rules with other industries. One of these is the "Pareto principle," which dictates that 80% of the effects come from a mere 20% of causes. In other words, this means that the distribution of cause and effect can be (and usually is) uneven, and learning your way around this can be vital for any business. 


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Garland Heart is proud to be recognized for the 3rd year in a row as one of the Best Christian Workplaces by the Best Christian Workplace Institute!