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  • Info Security - Garland Heart

    Info Security

    A range of proactive compliance and security services that can help make your organization more compliant and secure.

  • Virtual Compliance - Garland Heart

    Virtual Compliance

    An outsourced combination of expertise and automated technology to assist with challenges of compliance and the ongoing regulatory burden.

  • Strategic Consulting - Garland Heart

    Strategic Consulting

    Experts to assist your organization in the formal software selection process and contract negotiations for any of your company's critical technologies.

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Security Resources

Is the Firewall Becoming Irrelevant? Here’s How to Move Forward

Firewalls were created to protect and secure company data. Unfortunately, firewalls protect only company data well when it is kept within the confines of company networks. Today’s business data is rarely confined to the perimeters of a corporate network but is shared and transmitted widely through the cloud, presenting the firewall with some big security issues.

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CFOs Now View Cybersecurity as a Top Threat

According to a new report by Deloitte, CFOs regard cyberattacks as one of the most worrying disasters that threaten to affect an enterprise’s financial well-being. In response to the Deloitte survey, 97 percent of CFOs of large firms in North America said that cyberattacks are the biggest threat they face.

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